Youth Ministry



Elder Jacqueline Robinson

Youth Ministry Director

A vision is only a vision unless there is someone there to carry out the vision

(Hab 2:2)


It is the mission of the youth ministry of SPCOG to carry out the vision of our pastor to see souls saved, delivered, empowered and restored to their rightful place in God.

We intend to carry out the vision through outreach and discipline of our youth one person at a time.


As foot soldier, it is our mission to spread not only the gospel of Jesus Christ, but provide a platform for all young people to come and be themselves and ask questions without fear of judgement and guilt. A place to serve GOD in an atmosphere that is conducive to fun, safety, creativity and growth.


Our ministry will focus on three outreach areas: Sharing, Serving and Inviting.


Sharing: Drawing out youth that do not know Jesus and giving them an opportunity to hear truth


Serving: Community Service projects where we point to God through acts of services.


Inviting: Inviting youth that do not know God to your church and/or youth events.


The Youth Ministry will also focus on leadership development. Leadership is the capacity to influence others through spiritual insight motivated by divine passion, generated by a Godly vision (given by our pastor) and ignited by a heavenly purpose.


Bro. Kyle Ringer